Monday, October 31, 2005



It's 3.48am as I write this and once more I am stunned into disbelief by his complete and total thoughtlessness.

He's had to get up early to go into work today - not uncommon - and so he rose at around 2.30am to get ready. Of course, I woke, that is not a problem or an issue because I always wake and usually either get up or go back to sleep.

Anyway, I was lying in bed, half-awake, listening out for him to leave. I must have dozed off a couple of times but then I woke again and got out of bed to see if he had left - his car was still where he had parked it yesterday. So then I glanced at the time and panicked - I knew what time he had to be in work, and thought that he must have fallen asleep in the chair having his coffee downstairs. I ran downstairs to see what was happening - the house was in complete darkness.

At this point I am getting concerned, he is not in the house, but his car is still outside. Then the penny drops and I check the key cabinet and notice that my car keys are gone.

As is my car.

As is DH.

Now panic really sets in because not only has he taken my car, but he has also taken my briefcase which was locked in the boot of my car. My briefcase contains all the things I need for work. Some important notes ready for this week and everything I need to be able to work. And now everything I need is heading for the other side of the country.

I know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that he knows he has my briefcase - it is in the boot, he saw me put it there yesterday ready for work today - I always prepare the night before. And he has had to put his overnight bags and work gear in the boot anyway. There is no way - no way - that he won't have known what he was doing.

Not only has he caused me huge problems now, but he has also hugely inconvenienced everyone I was due to meet with this week and now may well have to cancel. Which portrays me in a wholly unprofessional manner.

All because of his thoughtless, inconsiderate fucking behaviour.

I'm totally at a loss why he would be so totally fucking selfish. I don't care which car he takes but I do care about the fact that he is hellbent on causing me as many problems as he possibly can.

He is slowly, but surely destroying me.


Blogger jazzy said...

How rude to put your job in jeopardy like that! I hope he turned around and brought it back to you.

7:05 AM  
Blogger Sasha said...

ok, another lesson learned here. next time he's leaving for work on another side of the country, you can:

1. hide your car keys someplace where he will NEVER ever find them,
2. do NOT put your briefcase in the car, just in case he does find the keys (must be a freakin bloodhound too), or
3. hire some thug to shoot him off as he drives along the highway.

personally, i'd go for #3. but that would probably be too morbid for you. :-)

7:15 AM  
Blogger Mallard said...

as a bloke, I cannot believe he'd do something so absolutely selfish and plain stoopid! Mind you, sasha's ideas are good 'uns... especially #3... but I donlt think the kids'd be too keen on that one, tho! pmsl! Hope he turned up soon afterwards apologising! Pls let us know what happened and with your weeks' work too.
Mal :)

12:43 PM  
Blogger Carla said...

Men can be such creeps! To do it and be aware that he was doing it is even worse! Why would he make that choice?

1:10 PM  
Blogger Evil Minx said...

i echo jazzy, sasha and mal 100%. what a fuckwit.

and how frustrating for you.

*sending deep and meaningful sympathy vibes*

feel free to come over to the minxdom and scream, anytime!


4:25 PM  
Blogger natty68 said...

Aww *hugs* hon, what a shit, I do hope he brought them back when he realised.

I am sure your customers will understand once you explain to them, and as an afterthought you can always charge a couple of things to his credit card on their behalf as compensation.

6:00 PM  
Blogger S said...

He will NOT destroy you, baby, because you have me and I will not allow you to be destroyed. I love you and he is a complete dumbfuck. Pure and simple.

I love you xxx


12:21 AM  

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