Sunday, October 09, 2005

we interrupt this program


For me to vent and get a bit of annoyance off my chest.

Inappropriate and unhealthy annoyance actually.

I'm breathing, deeply and calmly and slowly, trying to regain perspective. But you know when things happen and you just get sooooo mad, despite trying your best not to and knowing that you shouldn't really be getting mad? One of those moments has just taken place.

So instead of taking it out on the youngest child (the source of the frustration) I'm smiling sweetly and venting it here instead.

Bear with me.

Click the music link - this sums up my feelings pretty well at the moment.

Oh, and I dare you to turn it up really loud.....

Powered by Castpost - with Damien....

Actually, there's a funny story I could tell you about that music clip - just allow me a moment of digression and then I'll get back to being mad.....

We've had two houses during my married life. Our first house was a traditional British terrace, two-up, two-down. Walls three feet thick. Except upstairs where they seemed to be paper thin. On one side we had an elderly gentleman as a neighbour. He was sweet and quiet and I baked him mince pies at Christmas. On the other side we had psycho-bitch-queen from hell and her de-constructionist boyfriend (oh I could blog forever about those two). This particular incident took place before she lost the plot completely. We hadn't lived there long and this particular night I was alone in the house - I can't recall why, but that's not important anyway. So I'd gone to bed and was snoozing pleasantly in the land of nod when I am battered into wakefulness by the sound of that music, blasting through the walls at about 200 decibels. To coin a phrase that I never use, but seems a highly appropriate description - I shit myself. Anyone that has ever seen The Omen will know exactly why.

Back to my madness now.

It's 10.03am and since she has been awake, the youngest has managed to pee on the kitchen floor because it is too damned lazy to go to the toilet when it needs to go. So it sat at the kitchen table then decided it needed to go but couldn't get it's chair out in time and so it peed on the floor. And it was my fault because I let it get stuck on her chair. What????? Then, no less than 4 minutes ago, it decided to climb on the kitchen table - why exactly that was necessary I will never know. But in doing so it failed to see the rather large glass of freshly squeezed orange juice right in front of it's nose. Cue, orange juice spilt, dripping onto floor that I have only just bleached from the pee incident. *big sigh*. Oh and last night - I was on the phone (to S.....) when aforementioned youngest child ran through the room and asked if she could have a cheese dipper from the fridge. I was about to reply when the announcement came 'because I've already eaten it.....' Oh the immaculate logic of a child, eh?

But my comment to S, after we had both finished laughing, is that youngest child knew I would say yes because I was far too busy trying to peel myself off the ceiling.......more on that in my next post.....


Blogger Sasha said...

blogging is such a nice outlet for ranting and raving isn't it? no restraints at all.

we don't have children in the house so i can't pretend i know how i'd feel if i were in your shoes... at least though, at the end of the day, you got a good laugh out of it.

thanks for stopping by!

2:52 PM  
Blogger papamamba said...

hmm, 5 year old logic... unbeatable in its purity, irreproachable in its innocence and as obtuse as hell!

(like your blogstyle)

4:59 PM  
Blogger Lelly said...

Thanks for stopping by my're only the the 3rd Brit HNT-er I've come across (apart from Big Dipper and yours truly)
Your 5 year old sounds like a real character!

5:25 PM  
Blogger Miladysa said...

Go on, give IS a kiss! :)

Loved the Space track - did have the CD but it disappeared!

And yes, fellow Northerner :)

9:24 PM  
Blogger S said...

You didn't tell me about that incident, darling! *shakes head*

I love you.


5:01 AM  

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