Monday, November 28, 2005

i'm back and playing me-me monday!



For a whole variety of reasons I haven't played for the last few weeks, but this week I'm back! Click on the link to find out more about it.

So about me, this week...

10. I'm empathic

So this is the dictionary definition of empathy...

Empathy: n. 1. The ability to sense and/or understand emotion(s) from another person, animal, inanimate objects incorporating stimulation to any and or all of the senses (including the 6th Sense) without verbally being told and/or without obvious visual clues. 2. The ability to be sensitive and receptive to outside emotional stimuli. - adj. empathic or empathetic., v. to empathize

Empath: n. 1. A person who has the ability to experience empathy towards another person, and/or animate/inanimate objects, in part or from all of the above definition. 2. A person who is sensitive to the emotions in others.

Copyright © 2002 Christel Broederlow

I suppose that the best way to describe this is as being overly-sensitive. Sometimes it's good to be sensitive - I can often pick up on thoughts and feelings that people are trying to hide - intuiution is a large part of it too. When I'm working, it means that I can often sense what is not being said - that's often very useful. But sometimes it's a royal pain in the bum. I cry far too easily and get upset by things I shouldn't get upset over. I'm easily overwhelmed by emotions. All sorts of things can trigger me off - song lyrics, melodies, memories, other people's experiences - in fact there have been times when I am not sure if the emotions I am experiencing are my own or if they are someone else's.

There's a good site here that tells more, and tells it far better than I ever could.

Makes me sound like a fruit and nut case, doesn't it??


Blogger Wenchy said...

You sound not fruity to moi at all... then again, I may be the fruity one? LOL

8:13 AM  

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