Monday, November 28, 2005

sorting out the mess


I played two me-me's today - they are down there somewhere.

Well, I have to go to the bank this morning - find out exactly what damage has been done. I know this sounds pathetic but I really don't want to see. However, I have to sign declarations saying that I didn't carry out these transactions and then the various wheels can be set into motion and I can get my money back.

I'm still streaming with a cold - headachey, sore nose and lips due to continuous nose-blowing - I need a good lip balm and I do have one in my car but DH took my car today.

By the way, did I mention just how much I love her? She's working so hard, its unbelievable. Her trip over here is getting closer by the day - yes I know in real terms it is ages away, but every day it gets more and more real. We spoke loads online yesterday. And we've spoken loads on the phone too. In fact she's due to call me at 9.30am (she gets up at 3.30am just to call me, how unselfish and wonderful is that?). So don't try and call me at that time because I'll be busy. Busy talking to my wonderful, gorgeous woman.

Edited at 9.16am - Just to add to the fun, it's now snowing! I hate driving in snow *sighs* In the space of 5 minutes the road outside my house has turned white - and its that horrid snow that compacts instead of melting. Oh what a day today is going to be...


Blogger Mallard said...

Time to dig out your old snowshoes again...

11:49 AM  
Blogger Sasha said...

df, i hope the bank sorts everything out... goodluck!

oh, how i wish i could experience having snow...! tropical country, see...

2:41 PM  
Blogger Evil Minx said...

I hate driving in snow too... mucho sympathy, you old empath you.

And you and S together sound like the perfect recipe for love. It's a wonderful thing to witness, i feel privileged.

Much love


3:40 PM  
Anonymous IRanian idiot said...

I Have Never Ever Read About Such Passion....

5:38 PM  
Blogger natty68 said...

Send it down to Kent df, pretty please. I want the snow. :-) I absolutely love snow :-)

Hope you get everything sorted at the bank hon.


6:05 PM  
Blogger SassyFemme said...

I'm doing blog catch-up reading. Can't believe this happened to you, how horrible! Hope everything went okay at the bank and you get the money back before Christmas!

2:00 AM  

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